A Teen’s Guide: Need some extra $$? No worries, here’s an easy list of things to do around the house that will earn you some money fast!

For my step-daughter <3

1. Vacuum: Aren’t you glad we have so many dogs? Suck up those loose dust bunnies and suck the money out of my wallet. Extra points for moving furniture around and getting in all the corners and vents. Ps. Cobwebs are very satisfying to suck up.

  • Just Downstairs — $10
  • Upstairs —$5
  • Stairs — $5
  • Attic Bedroom – $15

2. Dust: Thank goodness for those dusty limestone trucks. You can probably dust every day the way these particles fall! Just grab a rag and some elbow grease and you’re just minutes away from a fortune. Be sure to dust all the little things you pick up to dust under too.

  • Living Room — $5
  • Kitchen — $5

3. Mop: The only thing better than vacuuming is mopping away the dirt. Your dad is awesome so we have the steam-vac-mop to use. Pick your favorite Essential Oil or 1TBS of white vinegar and steam away!

  • Just Downstairs — $10
  • Upstairs —$8
  • Stairs — $5
  • Attic Bedroom – $13

4. Mow Grass: Sure, feel free to weed wack too! It saves us the $25 fine from the city for having a “meadow style” lawn. See how helpful you are.

  • Front Yard — $20
  • Back Yard — $10
  • Weed Wack it all down — $15

5. Walk Dogs: Honestly, you could do this multiple times a day. Sure maybe the rate will go down after the 5th walk, but you catch my drift. 3 is a handful, maybe just take 1 or two at a time. Or even better, pick one a day! That way these chubby pups get an even rotation of exercise.

  • 10 Minute Walk — $10
  • 20 Minute Walk — $15
  • 30 Minute Walk — $25
  • Take them on a hike with a friend — $40

6. Organize house: Please, please, please! I would love to see all of the counters and surfaces rid of all our clutter! A best practice is to put things back to where they belong. Second best choice, stick them in the rooms of the person they belong to. After that… ask yourself, is this trash or should I shove it somewhere for now?

  • Clean Kitchen Counters & Table — $10
  • Junk Free Living Room — $10

7. Clean Bathrooms: I used to do this once a week growing up. After the first 8years I found the practice to be meditative. Cleansing the water room with water. Note: you get extra credit for tough scrub-outs with a Brillo or toothbrush!

  • Upstairs Bathroom (yes, the tub is included) — $15
  • Shower Curtains washed & rehung — $10
  • Downstairs Bathroom — $10
  • Laundry area — extra $$ for organizing that mess!

8. Clean your Room: This does the whole house a favor. Remember the old coffee mugs that started to form into cheese and then got all hot in your sunroom? Cheese will never be the same for me now.

  • You should do this for yourself, but we are nice — $10

9. Dishes: Did you know: I do this two or more times a day! Holy moly! Can you feel the cash on these hot clean plates?

  • Unload & Inevitably Reload — $10
  • Collect Dirty Dishes around the house — $5

10. Laundry: Now this is one you’re going to have to fight me for. Laundry is my happy place. When I fold I am simultaneously endlessly streaming Netflix and Amazon and gorging on chips and cereal. And sometimes, I do laundry. Be picky, separate those precious whites!

  • Wash, Dry & Fold — $10
  • Deliver to Room — $5

Just think… if you did all of these in one day… you could make over $100.00! Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a hardworking motivated individual then I guess I need to make my list longer.

Ps. If you make our house look like this then I’ll give you all the money I have 😉

{To Sophia: Happy 15th Birthday, may you have all the $$ you need to make your dreams and style come true.}