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It feel like the bakery was a lifetime ago. The new pace of summer was quite unexpected to my body and its been difficult to process the change.

The days of swimming on the river, bonfires and dinners with friends is a happy alternative from working day and night with the full weight of a business on my mind and nerves; but I am left wondering.

Whats next?

I feel like I have been here before, and even though my optimistic self will not be diminished, I still am waiting for the day I grow up.

When will I be able to pay all the bills with ease? Is “Owner” the title I want in a business? How do I give back to my community now?

As far as employment that actually pays I had a few fast ideas of what to do:

  1. Work with the landscape crew again: a nice kick in the butt with heavy manual labor will set me straight.
  2. Volunteer my time to learn the secrets of bread baking in California, then apply for a job in the local bread place with stacked resume.
  3. Become a manufacture of gluten free flour mix: it’s simple, low perishability, no dealing with customers daily. (or at least I can do that in my pj’s from home)
  4. Cry.

Even though I had to get a job asap to start paying off my bills I wasn’t sure how to keep and transform DaisyMoon without the public bakery side.


What became difficult with the storefront was watching my childhood dream slip further away from the reality of what my today had to be to survive in the food industry.

Frozen pre-made food is not my passion. Homegrown vegetables and protein is what inspires me to creation. Being flexible and creative is a necessary component of me living a full life.

Now that my time is back, and my soul, I’ve decided to live through happiness and imagination. Find a place that covers my needs financially, but also give me the space to spread my fronds and create.

Build a lifestyle where there is no room for complaining customers or outrageous demands to entitled people. A place where I can be me and do whatever I want every day. No expectations or consistency needed. This preliminary post is one of the steps into creating this world for myself.

This space of DaisyMoon journaling is intended as a life-diary. It will get messy, there will be poor editing, and somethings may not relate to anything at all but is still a pure unadulterated voice of me.