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The last leg of the trip was upon us and any on looker could tell this family was beginning to reach the limits of cramped car travel and close quarters.

Oban is about the same size as our Morgantown. This particular airbnb we were all so excited for had no wifi, service connection, or luxuries and the family stress level came to an ultimate high in tiny Oban. The teens were going through withdraw and I was going though my patience. Luckily Jamie and I got some pub time alone and a chance to mingle with the locals.

We became acquainted with Jimmy and Roderick and by the end of the night we were old pals.

We talked about everything: life, relationships, business, my blue hair. Roderick was kind enough to share with us how to properly pronounce some words and the names of cities, like Oban. Apparently we Americans draw out the “O” sound, but its properly said with a short “O”, and in general, said short and quick. We went on joking together, getting teared-up about love; Jamie and I felt like a star couple. We felt we changed the town that night with our sparkling personalities. How lucky for Oban.

Luckily for the kids we only stayed one night. We grabbed a quick coffee, a new cactus dress, and we were smooshed back into the car on our way back to Edinburgh.

The next two days in Edinburgh seemed to wiz by. The allure of vacation was wearing off and everyone was becoming homesick and high-strung.

In reflection of times like these… its funny. How we react to things said, or things happened. It always seems so intense in the moment, and eventually that moment wears away and then you have normal life again. I coped with this with plenty of good scotch, beer, and a desperate pack of rollies.


Things to take away from this trip:

  1. Visit in the summer
  2. Drink more scotch than you think you can. It’s super cheap
  3. Do drink Ion-Burn for a hangover
  4. Never miss out an opportunity for black pudding or haggis
  5. Plan on hiking, the scenery is extraordinary
  6. Even though they said no to me, always ask a kitted man what’s underneath.
  7. Always book a bnb with separate bedrooms for at least you and your hubby.

Other Places we Visited and loved:

  • Glenlivet Distillery
  • Talkisker Distillery
  • Burkart Castle
  • Loch Ness
  • Inverness