Designer: Sunflair 
Piece: Multiple Pieces
Website to purchase:

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 

I love instagram, it’s a pool of inspiration and crisp photography and new realtionships.

A new friend [@sandflair.kirrah] sent me a message asking if I wanted to be a brand ambassador. Most of the time these are scammy messages from people who don’t exisit or want to build a relationship. Sandflair is legit. 

Yes, they have people [REAL people] who contact you and keep you updated on how to work with them. They respond quickly and kindly and they also help save marine life. 

Having a hard time choosing which suit and accessories I wanted [every thign was so cute!] I finally landed on the Vaguish onepiece bathing suit, a pair of sunglasses and some minimalistic braceltets.

Long story short, I agreed to the ambassador program and swimsuits and accessories were on their way.

I paid my share of the shipping and Sandflair shipped their items out to me right away. There was no waiting 4 months for the products.  Like I said, they are real people working hard for this company. 

Observe, the suit, the sunglasses and the tiny gold bracelets by Sandlair

VAGUISH: Sure, I committed to Sunflair, but I wasn’t sure about how the quality wold be. I mean, images can only do so much. This was a new company for me so I kept an open mind. 

I really couldn’t believe the quality and comfort of the swimsuit when I tried it on. I have smaller breasts, big shoulders and a heathy bottom and clothes/ swimwear doesn’t always flatter my body. In this case, it felt like it was made for me!

I wore my new suit to the river to play with my girls and I got constant hoots and positive remarks on my suit. I warned them about my cheeky bottom, but they did not seem to mind much.

While I swam, jumped fro rock to rock and climbed a little I am happy to report all things stayed in their positions. Not once did I have to readjust my top to make sure the girls stayed in. This alone is magnificent for any bathing suit. 

I did have to dig a wedgie here and there, but that’s what you get for cheeky bottoms, a big butt, and a lot of moving around.

Size: Small [See model size chart]Purchase here:

Boobs still intact!

OVERALL DESIGNER THOUGHTS: What do I think about Sandflair? I think they are legit, I think they care about their ambassadors, their customers, and their social media followers.

When my package arrived in a timely manner I grew faith in Sandflair. I tried on the bathing suit and loved what I chose. When I sent them my images they loved them and are supporting my page. 

This company cares, which is a lot to say in this day and age. If you’re curious about being an ambassador for any company I suggest Sandflair, they are real people running a real business.