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After surviving the first two days in Edinburgh, Scotland with ease, we decided to explore our dangerous side.

We rented a car in Scotland.

No big deal right? Well, the Scots luckily do measure in miles, which was a nice ease into driving. And that’s about it.

Jamie and I don’t usually backdown from an adventure, so of course we rented a standard. We both have standards at home, but in a Scottish car, the stick is controlled by the left hand. Thankfully the Scottish are forgiving and the pedals are on the same side and the car was a 6-speed.

Let’s not forget the matter of driving on the other side of the road… the left side, which is the wrong side, but it’s the right side in Scotland, which is the left. Which means left hand turns you look right for any oncoming traffic and then you go when you very well please to. Now right hand turns are a bit of a mind blow. You merge into what you hope is a center lane, and then make your wide right turn alllllll the way to the left. It felt like I was going to hit the center cone every time. Which was one time because Jamie drove the whole time 🙂 The road signs are all different, and there are some that we never googled and still have no idea what they mean.

I believe the whole driving experience was benefitted by a premeditated conversation I had with Sophia weeks ago about being a backseat-driver.

A few years ago Jamie really got into his family ancestry and researched his family line all the way back to Scotland. He came from the Blair family, and conveniently the Blair castle was on our way to Abelour.

So excited to explore the walls of Jamie’s grand history we made our way north to the grand estate.

We arrived unscathed from our journey, through many, many, many, roundabouts. As we begin our tour we start to read some intro signs about the heritage of the castle. It appeared that our initial research into thinking this castle belonged to Jamie’s family, the Blairs,  was not entirely accurate. The castle actually belonged to the Athol’s.

We did not hesitate to thereon make many jokes and comments about how I didn’t know I was marrying into a family of Athols or that the people who lived in this castle were a bunch of Athols. We even went as far as to ask this sweet elderly man to properly pronounce the castle’s name, which he said “Athol”. A few good laughs, getting lost in the castle, and a cream pastry and haggis flavored chips later, we headed off back enroute to Abelour!