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In a past life I am certain that I was one of the women in the community who hummed ancient songs while I braided baskets or mashed herbs for poultices. I know I’ve been a creator because that is something that rings true for me everyday.

The act of building, shaping, sewing, planting and so on, is what I need to sleep easy at night. It’s what makes my day worth it all.


Generally, food is my creation.  Spending time with each ingredient and sautéing something wonderful is an easy way for me to satisfy my needs to make. But of course, there is a lot more to Nadia that just cooking.

My mom has always stressed the word unique when describing my ever-changing interests and desires.

Down to the core of me I am attracted to all things nature. Flora, fauna, astrology, bugs, ancient ruins, mythology…
I pick up new hobbies often, and for most, just as quickly loose interest or move onto something new.

One thing that I’ve been rather inspired by is balance. I never intended my mobiles and wall hangings to be admired by anyone other than myself and my dogs. I do believe that this pure openness to creative makings is what does attract others to the art as well.


In my early twenties I was living in an adorable cottage in the middle of the woods. Living on this mountain top was as close to ancient living as I have ever come. You relied on your neighbors, everyone kept a garden, some of us foraged, and all of us were outdoor enthusiasts.

I was lucky to be in company of great neighbors who never let me be without wine or good foods. I would gift back treasures from the woods, like wild blueberries, wildflower bouquets, and wintergreen.

It was so romantic. Everything was as easy and simple as I wanted it to be.

I didn’t build my home, but I did build my life there. It was just me, my pups and my gardens. So sweet!

The slow life and introverted-me fell into a pattern. On the weekends I would set up my art studio on the large covered front porch and tediously create dozens of mobiles from sunrise to sunset.


Since I love nature, and mystic ancient anything, I have become a rather spiritual person. Believing in the powers of the universe and if you need something you ask.

I had been indulging myself with the idea that I could telepathically communicate with my dogs (like my mom said… very unique). A friend of mine read a spirit deck of cards one day and said that if I needed something to ask my dogs. Finding this to be oh so amazing, hilarious, and yet again interesting, I decided to give it a try.

I took my dogs to the woods that day, closed my eyes and “connected”. In my mind’s eye I asked all three dogs for bones. I flashed images of white bones, skeletons of animals, and skulls in my minds-eye and sent my message to the fur babies.

Opened my eyes and we continued our hike. It wasn’t even two minutes later that my golden retriever- lab lept over a log, scuffled around, and bounded back to me instantly with a full set of vertebra and skull of a adult doe.

I actually laughed out loud into the trees, stashed the bones, and went about the rest of our hike completely pleased with our work.


Bones and other natural materials have been a key element to my art. Bones, and vertebrae specifically, have a beautiful shape. This makes crafting something to look beautiful easier for me.

I had some dried flowers from my childhood garden, hemlock cones, and acorn caps and a prized mason jar of hand shaped beads from an old artist I once knew. All of the ingredients to make something magical and wonderful.


Where to find my work:

Buxton Gallery, Thomas, WV

Private Collection, Morgantown, WV