I grew up in a strict Italian house. We stopped speaking English as soon as we were out of school, we ate pasta every night, we ate three-course meals every night, we were loud, we never “argued”, we loved forcefully, and we always followed tradition.

If life were perfect for my parents thats how life would have remained, but I, their most unique daughter, had other plans.

My path took me to the rolling hills of Appalachia, West Virginia. I came for school and pole vaulting, and I remain with a modern renaissance-man for a husband, three dogs, three step kids, and three years into loving each other.


I like to view life as an adventure  — something to experience, taste, smell, learn, and to dive into.

Food, relationships, laughing, food, desserts, nature, strength, food, and emotions are the things that describe me.

DaisyMoon has been a big adventure for me and going from home baker, to business owner, to a new page in life – well, it has been quite a year to swallow.

While the power of blogging, websites, and food still exists I feel compelled to share this beautiful everyday I call my crazy life through sarcastic anecdotes and exaggerated emotions. After all, I am a woman in her thirties!