We don’t get enough places to be our weird and unique selves.

Gabe Dewitt- Wonderfalls

Lingerie Review – AnneBra

Note: The lingerie in this post was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. Designer: AnneBra Piece: Multiple PiecesWebsite to purchase: https://annebra.com/ [see purchasing online snippet below] This past winter Jamie and I had the wonderful experience of traveling to Thailand for our first time. We ate some amazing foods,

Ten Ways to Get Money Fast!

A Teen’s Guide: Need some extra $$? No worries, here’s an easy list of things to do around the house that will earn you some money fast! For my step-daughter <3


Please enjoy these blurbs. Not quite long enough to be a story, but fun enough to write down. Real News on Fake News This just in.The entire presidency of Donald Trump