We don’t get enough places to be our weird and unique selves.

Gabe Dewitt- Wonderfalls

Sabaai – It’s a Honeymoon {Part II}

I don’t know about you, but when I dream of honeymoon I envision ultimate luxury and relaxation and thong bathing suits. After Bangkok for a few nights, Jamie and I were a little sad to leave. We had gotten familiar with our 6-block radius and we were sad to leave it for

Ten Ways to Get Money Fast!

A Teen’s Guide: Need some extra $$? No worries, here’s an easy list of things to do around the house that will earn you some money fast! For my step-daughter <3


Please enjoy these blurbs. Not quite long enough to be a story, but fun enough to write down. Real News on Fake News This just in.The entire presidency of Donald Trump

Pasta Carne Tritata

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Blurb: December 2018

Please enjoy my Blurbs: moments in my life that are too funny to keep to myself, but too short for a drawn out story. I felt like I was in the